Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday was fabulous!

Thanks to all for another fantastic Friday at Music on the Porch! We enjoyed the music and all the friendly folks. Friday was our second time setting up Ben's Produce stand. This week we had a beautiful sign, made for us by our awesome neighbor, Dave.

We are blessed to have talented, giving and caring neighbors and friends.

We managed to offer a few more veggies than we'd originally anticipated, including eggplant and cucumbers, both of which were a big hit.

We look forward to seeing you around town and at Music on the Porch next week. Ben and I have never seen No Strings Attached, but we're both HUGE fans of bluegrass and honky tonk. We can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. great blog guys! i think it's putting the double-t site to shame! also, i LOVE the sign. glad everything's going so well. theresa (of double-t)

  2. holy moly! i saw the comment and was ready to delete it due to slander!!!...and then i realized it was you :0). you're funny. thanks for the kudos.