We have some really supportive CSA members and friends. We are so grateful. 

Some folks have been kind enough to tell us what they think about what we have to offer as Community Shared Agriculture and what we do as a community. Here's what some of our members have to say about their experiences with Ben's Produce (now In Good Heart Farm): 

From Laura (and Brian) Landhal: 
Local and seasonal eating is very important to my husband and I. It is the healthiest way to eat and it feels wonderful being connected to your food source and supporting local farms. Way too many people do not even realize that food has “seasons” or at least they don’t put much thought into it. The grocery stores provide almost everything year round. People get used to buying tasteless tomatoes in January and vegetables and fruit that have been shipped across the country or world are readily and consistently available. Local and seasonal eating, provides you with the opportunity to appreciate the freshness of produce at its peak. You can truly taste what a tomato should taste like or appreciate a real carrot. It can also help you to expand your culinary repertoire-in cooking with unfamiliar items.
Ben and Patricia’s CSA is not the first CSA we have been part of, but it is by far the best. They are committed to sustainable farming practices and truly love what they do. They are all about producing quality, healthy and wholesome food while connecting with the community in creating meaningful relationships. This was our first season with Ben’s Produce, but it will certainly not be our last. As long as we are in the area, we plan on supporting and participating in their summer and fall CSA! 

From Cassie Ramm: 
For anyone in the Cary/Raleigh area that's considering purchasing a CSA share this spring/summer, In Good Heart Farm (formerly Ben's Produce) is accepting members now. Hands down best CSA in the area for the high quality organic produce, ex...tremely reasonable price ($20/wk for reg share!), and the connection it gives you to your food. If you're wanting to eat better in the new year, this is the easiest way I know of and I can't tell you how awesome it is to know the people who grow your food!

From Jen Craig: 
Being a member of Ben's Produce CSA has been wonderful. It has allowed me to cook great, seasonal and healthy foods for my family. We eat better than we ever have before. The produce is always fresh, vibrant and delicious. I love getting my food straight from the source and from people who care as much about our community as they care about growing quality fruits and veggies.
From a letter written by Sarah Rusche: 

I want to let you know that I had a sort of transformative experience last night with the delicious produce I got from you and Ben. I just made a simple salad with lettuce mix, carrots, radishes and an onion I already had. It was fabulous. While I was tearing the lettuce I just felt different about it. I was more aware that this came to me from PEOPLE's WORK and even the way the bags were tied reminded me of this. At the grocery store where there are product labels and manufactured tags and bags, etc. it is easy to forget the labor that goes into getting that stuff in mass quantity so that consumers can be choosy. It is too easy to forget the farmers and the laborers, even for me who's sensitive to that sort of thing.  I almost felt like I was working with a gift someone gave me and I found myself appreciating the farming process a lot more. It was weird, and cool.  I'm so glad I took the plunge and I'll be ordering more stuff from you regularly. Please pass this on to Ben, and I thank you both for all your hard work! :)

Do you do any farm tours? I think Magnolia would like that.